Consider Cloud-Storage for Safekeeping of Valuable Records

Cloud Storage
Petro Team Apr 14, 2017

While it is advisable for anyone with irreplaceable valuables to have a safety deposit box in a secure location away from the home, having a digital record of its contents offers the added benefit of immediate access to images of the items, should the need arise. To that end, you should photograph and itemize expensive jewellery, heirlooms and collectibles, as well as scan any appraisals or authentications. In addition, it could prove very convenient to have instant visual access to important documents, such as financial assets, passports, wills, powers of attorney, life insurance and home insurance policies, as well as personal mementos. But saving these visual references on your phone, tablet or computer could fall short of your intentions, given how easily and often such devices can get lost, damaged or hacked. For that reason, a password protected digital “cloud” backup is likely your safest precaution. Usually provided at little or no cost by your internet service provider (ISP) or device manufacturer, cloud backups are stored on remote servers that offer a level of secure storage that’s worth considering.